Mr S the Elder
Junior SR
Q the Third

Desiring to complete the process started by the Proto-Hippie Convention
with a view to defining the essence of Neo Retros, improving
the coherency of its all it’s actions and providing clarity and transparency to the wider world
have resolved to amend the Anti-Pap treaty and the Dumbness Prevention Accord.

and to this end have designated as their Plenipotentiaries

Mr S

Who, having exchanged their full powers, found in good and due form,
have agreed as follows

The Aim of Neo Retros is to:

create, shape and perform musical compositions that provoke a reaction in the listener’s minds not in the listener’s bowels.

The compositions shall aim to combat:

  • the dumbing-down pap, prevalent in most modern media
  • greed in all of it’s guises
  • corporate slavery. People are not expendable, dispensable, malleable resources and should be treated with humanity and compassion
  • patriotism – the precursor to nationalism, encouraging pride in the planet and not pride in fenced-off little names on a map
  • institutionalised religion and it’s selling to innocent, impressionable victims in schools
  • the overuse of the word “freedom”, One man’s freedom is another man’s tyranny

Neo Retros shall encourage:

  • Total dialogue. No subject should be deemed as insensitive or politically incorrect. Nothing should be censored, merely disproved through argument and reason
  • Government health warnings to be broadcast seconds before TV talent shows such as X Factor commence: “This programme contains stupidity and can seriously harm your brain and those of others sitting next to you”.
  • A global power cut to take place twice annually. People will lose access to the internet, TV and other media sources and will be forced to read or to make their own entertainment.
  • Real communication between people
  • The realisation that time can be our friend and does not have to be synonymous with money
  • Community – serving one’s community, serving the 99% and not the 1% of self-serving invisible speculators and shareholders
  • Unity, fighting under the flag of what is good for society and not what big business expects of us
  • A return to songs about real issues. No more “baby babies”, “bailar bailar” nor “shaking that thangs”. Songs should be true and earnest, not cynical little money-making tools

Neo Retros shall respect:

  • Engagement and dialogue
  • Those who never give up
  • Dreamers, idealists, romantics and those who try


Neo Retros, graduates of the Groucho Marx School of Morality, endeavour to uphold the above values though retain the right to adhere to the Groucho Marx motto: “These are our principles, if you don’t like them, we have others”.