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Yesterday we had the opportunity to perform absolutely live on a new TV show aimed at youngsters on Polish Channel 2 (TVP 2). The programme called Poziom 2.0 was beautifully spontaneous, fun to be in and a great opportunity to present our live sound on TV. A prime example of the show’s spontaneity was their inviting me and Q into the studio kitchen to prepare a low-budget, non time-consuming meal for students. The absence of a stove did not help matters plus only having eggs, jam, instant soup with noodles, and cheese as our ingredients made any gourmet concoction a near impossibility. We duly delivered botulism on toast with a salmonella sandwich for the presenter to eat. On the musical side, yesterday we all had the feeling that our performance had been really good but for me the most positive aspect of the whole experience was the fact that a show that doesn’t patronise or stereotype youngsters, is intelligently presented and not choreographed, exists.