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Yesterday we finally started working in earnest on our “difficult” second album which we should release some time in 2012. Many musicians have rightly stated that you have your whole life to write your first album, whereas with your second album you have to start from scratch. In our case though, I actually think this is beneficial, as despite being on the whole extremely positive about our debut album, one criticism I would make is that some songs don’t sound fresh enough. Having your whole life to write your first album resulted in it containing some songs that were written four years ago (Cold November), and others written and rehearsed shortly before entering the studio (Battles and Wastelands, the Loudness of Silence). The next album that we are currently rehearsing in our pleasant little prison of a practice room, promises to be more up-tempo and stylistically more coherent than our first album and lyrically it is more about our relations with the world as it is, and we are now. But, the most important thing for us all to remember when practising, is that we really mustn’t bother listening to what others are doing. Since I was a child, I’ve always been a disobedient little shit and I think in music, if you want to be original, that’s actually a virtue than a vice!