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Two more days to go before our next tv appearance playing live in Piła to an audience of hopefully adoring fans who will throw flowers rather than the usual tins of peeled plum tomatoes. Very often, 'playing live' means showing your ugly face on stage, opening and closing your mouth in synch with the music that is blaring out in front of you and then briefly mumbling a few platitudes to the audience about how wonderful they are. This time though, we will be performing live, I will be singing live and we will have a completely new version of "the High-rise in the Sunshine" to perform. Best of all though, we will once again be pampered by the make-up artists before appearing on tv - an experience we fully recommend to even the most macho, testosterone pumped, hard-nuts! Nothing can beat the experience of staring into the mirror seeing a tired old git looking back at you, closing your eyes for ten minutes and seeing that same being, looking back with a childlike, pubescent innocence! Bliss!