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Over the last few weeks the average vampire has seen more daylight than the average member of Neo Retros. Mr S and Q have been consuming copious amounts of energy drinks, aka detergent, in order to go that extra mile and stay focussed and creative while being locked away for vast hours in the practice room. Luckily their “performance enhancing trash” seems to be working pretty well as we’re almost fully prepared to enter the studio and record what I believe will be an absolutely incredible album.

We’ve been recording and arranging the songs from scratch in the practice room, paying attention to little details and then listening to everything we’ve recorded with a critical ear. This is the musical equivalent to writing the first draft of an essay and will give us the certainty that when we enter the studio to start the recording proper, we will know exactly what should be recorded. Experience has taught us that recording can be a horribly surgical process where some producers prefer the drums to be recorded first, then the bass, following that the guitar etc. This process enables the producer to structure songs by layers, and rectify slipups as and when they are made by the various musicians. However, it often leads to songs sounding sterile, devoid of any human touch and lacking their “live” quality. We’ve been guilty of this ourselves when recording some songs before. This time though, thanks to our hard work and Mr S and Q’s detergents, we will be entering the studio full of energy, confidence, and ready to record our instruments together, knowing that we will be recording something special.