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Once upon a time, I was called upon to act as a kind of executioner. Five kittens had been born and the owner of the kittens was in a tricky position - a decision had to be taken which three of them she should have put down as she had neither the space in her house nor money available to pay for their upkeep, she also had no potential owners lined up who would take the kittens off her hands. She explained that it would be more humane to have them put down almost immediately after they were born rather than waiting, however, she found herself incapable of taking such a decision herself. Therefore the decision fell to me - which ones should live and which should be whisked off to the vets?

This week, me and Mr S have found ourselves in a similar position – we have 14 songs recorded and we are now having to choose – which should receive love, care and attention and which should be confined to the scrapheap (at least until we enter phase two of recording). Our entire family of fourteen healthy, living, breathing songs will probably make it onto our album, though at the moment we are busy completing “phase one of recording”, where we prepare our potential singles first and not bother working on all fourteen songs at the same time. As we are probably going to release a couple of singles sometime before we release our album, this is the most effective way of managing and maximising the time spent in the studio. Fortunately, in the case of the songs that we haven’t earmarked as potential singles, there will be no adieus, definitely no lethal injections, just a two-month trip to the wet nurse for some of our babies before we welcome them back into our arms in May when putting the finishing touches to our second album.