Video of the week!

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An orderly queue was forming outside the offices of TVP (Poland’s national TV station) last week. Lady Blah Blah’s right-hand-man Harley Schweinstein was among those waiting, while the Kings of Lyon waited patiently striking up small-talk with an increasingly frustrated Saint Bono. The queue led all the way up to a door behind which television employees were engaged in heated arguments, discussing which video should be chosen “Video of the Week” on TVP’s breakfast show “Tea or Coffee?”. One man in the queue who was the epitome of calm was Stanisław Kubrick. The acclaimed director knew that his masterpiece for “the Loudness of Silence” by Neo Retros was a creation that simply could not lose out to Saints, Kings and Ladies, and so it transpired – the Loudness of Silence has been chosen “Video of the Week” for TVP 2’s “Tea or Coffee?” for the week starting 17 October 2011.