Saving the whistle

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For over twenty years, whistlers around the world suffered from feelings of abandonment and boredom. While pub-guitarists over a similar time-period continually chose to demonstrate their speedy finger-work by performing Extreme’s “More Than Words”, the whistlers among us simply had very few tunes to whistle along to. Twenty years since the Scorpions’ “Winds of Change”, whistlers were left asking themselves – did the winds of change really have to bring a whistle-free-world with no new songs with whistling in them?  The answer is of course resoundingly, no! Firstly Peter, Bjorn and John rescued the whistle from the Scorpions’ twenty-year reign, and now Neo Retros have struck a killer-blow for the Anglo-Polish whistle with their latest single – the Loudness of Silence. The video, shot of course by Stanisław Kubrick is out now!