Neo Retros: Truth or Death!

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 Neo Retros  have  given us a glimpse of a most shocking future not altogether dissimilar to the present – voyeurism, disgrace and… execution, all captured on TV.

Skyboy, the group’s singer-songwriter says that this groundbreaking video fits the song’s feel and concept perfectly: “Our new single ‘We’re Glad That You Came’ is musically a significant departure from our previous songs. Lyrically, it focuses on the dumbing down phenomenon prevalent in modern TV programmes where little by little viewers become incapable of distinguishing between the potentially uncomfortable reality and the fluffy, escapist fiction that TV promotes”.Neo Retros cutting edge 2nd album will be released on 9th October through EMI Music Poland. Additionally, fans of Agnieszka Szulim will be amazed to see her acting with aplomb alongside Neo Retros in this historic video.